Mile High Club - Traverse City

The flight will be booked as a scenic aerial tour. Scenic Aerial Tours are restricted to 25nm of departure airport and the plane must depart and arrive at the same airport.

Passengers are required to be in their seats for both takeoff and landing with safety belts on.   Once above 5280 ft MSL you will be "free to move around the cabin".  What you do in the back of the plane is up to you.
Our flights are completely confidential and our pilots are held to the highest level of discretion!
Our pilots are well qualified, discrete and on an FAA approved drug testing program.
All flights conducted by 3rd Dimension Enterprises, LLC.  3rd Dimension Enterprises, LLC is fully insured and is approved by the FAA to conduct scenic air tours.
Safety is our #1 point of concern.
Do Not come to the flight intoxicated - you will NOT be let on the airplane!